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Frequently asked questions

Whatever the size or type of order, our customers often asked the same questions whilst deciding what to order.  We’ve listed some of these below and will continue to add to this list.

What are the opening times of the shop?

Tuesday         9.00am – 4pm
Wednesday   8.00am – 5pm
Thursday       9.00am – 4pm
Friday             9.00am – 4pm
Saturday        9.00am – 3pm

We’re closed Sunday and Monday and sometimes a little earlier when we sell out, but feel free to leave us a message on the answer machine or complete the contact form.

What are counter cakes?

We distinguish our cakes into two groups – counter cakes and special orders.  Counter cakes are those that we serve on the counter each day.  These include six flavours of cupcakes, plus brownies, shortbread and layer cakes at weekends.
Counter cupcakes are decorated with sprinkles and hand made decorations in a range of colours, no ordering is necessary and you can choose any quantity from those available on the day.

What is a special order?

Special orders are those that we don’t serve from the counter because they are created for a customer’s specific occasion.
Examples include cupcake towers for weddings, giant cupcakes for birthdays and canapés cupcakes for corporate events.
Special orders are arranged in advance and are created to a truly bespoke specification.

How far in advance do I need to order?

As a general rule, if your order is for mid-week, you’ve got more chance of availability.  If you’re looking at a weekend order, you’ll be competing with weddings, christenings and birthdays, so please give us a call asap.  Even if we just book you in as an enquiry, at least you’ll be in the queue!

Why do you issue collection times for orders?

When you place an order, we’ll agree a collection time that enables us to create the order and for you to collect in good time for your occasion.  As other customers place orders, a queue will form and give a sequence for our production schedule.
If you arrive earlier than your collection time, your order will probably not be ready, so please bear this in mind when planning your day!

How do I pay for my order?

We accept card payments or cash.  Payment can be made at the time of order, on the day of collection or any time in between.  A 20% deposit is required for larger orders such as weddings and christenings.

Do you deliver?

Our cupcakes are too delicate to trust to a courier, so yes, we can deliver to the local area.  We work out the costs based on postcodes.  Take a look at our delivery page for more details.

How long do the cakes last for?

We always like our cakes to be eaten at their best, so on the day or the day after is perfect.  We don’t use preservatives, so after two days the cake can start to lose its moisture.  However, we have regular customers who report that the cupcakes are absolutely fine four to five days later.  It’s up to you!

How should the cakes be stored prior to being eaten?

It’s tempting, but please don’t store the cupcakes in the fridge!  The cold air will dry the cakes out and change their texture completely.
We supply our cakes in confectioner’s boxes, so these are the best place for them to stay.  If you transfer the cakes to an airtight container, decorations can lose their shape and the cases have the potential to peel away and that’s not a good look!

Do you make everything yourselves?

Yes, we’re up with the birds each morning, baking everything fresh that day.  We work out how much we need to bake from the special orders placed that day and make more than enough to fill the counter.  However, we do sell out on a regular basis, so please pop by the shop early in the day to select from counter.

Do you supply cupcakes to other businesses?

No, you can only get the magic of TLHOC cupcakes from the shop!

If you have a question for us, please contact us and we’ll answer asap.